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God... - morgiecat
Molly is SO stupid. She keeps running up to me and then swatting at me with one paw, then runs away. IF I chase her, she does a somersault and then kicks at me. Then she'll curl up next to me next to Mom when we're all sleeping. I don't get it. She's so weird.

Mom has been having these two other humans over. They make a lot of squeaky noises, worse than Molly. I keep expecting Abbie to smack them, but instead she follows them around and eeps at them! Of course....they pet me, too. And they seem vaguely familiar. I don't know why. People are weird.

We had Somethign Happen the other day, and Mom sure has NOT been understanding. There was a noise on the porch, and then mom went out there, and I heard wings flapping. Jezebel ran right out there and came back with Bird on her breath, but Mom ignored me when I climbed right up the window and hung on the frame. She's so MEAN! There was a bird flapping around in there and Mom let Jezzie get her fangs around it but not ME! And let's face it, Mom totally cannot catch birds. She's just no good at it at all. I totally watched her and she's awful. She was chasing the bird around with a broom, and the front door was open, and it was just luck that the bird got out. There went a fresh hot dinner. Really, Mom just doesn't understand things.

Really, I don't know how I deal with all these weird people. Mom is good at cuddling, though----I'll give her that. It sure is hard getting computer time, though---she has a password on the computer. Luckily it wasn't hard to sit on the back of the chair and figure out what it was. Still, it's so nice and warm in bed, and even Molly isn't so bad then. Mom pets us till she gets sleepy and then the blankets and pillows and featherbeds get all warm and....Well, I forget to get up and get on the computer. Plus, the first cat who's awake gets to stand on Mom and yell at her to wake up. That's too fun to give up.

Oh, shit, here she comes! Bye!

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annie_kitty From: annie_kitty Date: February 27th, 2008 01:15 am (UTC) (Link)
Luckily it wasn't hard to sit on the back of the chair and figure out what it was.

Oh, good work, Morgie!

As for Molly, well... she may be trying to keep you confused, y'know? I don't have any other cats to do that to, so I have to do it to Mom now and then.
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