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Finally! Boy, it's hard getting near the computer now that the big… - morgiecat
Finally! Boy, it's hard getting near the computer now that the big space upstairs is fixed. I bet she lets him use it all he wants, though. Sniff. I've seen him. I've heard him. I think the neighbors hear him. Why is he so special? He's not as pretty as me. I'm fluffy. H's not. His tail is missing. I love my tail.

And then there's Fred. He's so...he's such a.....he falls over on top of people. He shoves between me and Mom, but then I give her The Look and she makes a big fuss over me.

There were people in the house the other day, so I had new shoes to sniff. The sleeping thing in the living room got changed. The smells were very interesting. Those boots had been all over.

The new thing seems bigger. That's good. Fred is such a big huge dork. He's huge. And a dork. I like to curl up. He likes to spread out. He takes up so much room! I'm surprised he can cross the floor without falling right over. He keeps asking me to play with him, but it's ilke he's already started playing when he asks.

Then there's Her. She's the mystery cat. I see her every now and then when Mom lets Fred back and forth through the door. She's awfully pretty. I'm awfully pretty. It's just not fair.

The other girls are just too old for me. Jezebel, well....she's cranky. And Molly...she's my friend. That's weird. But this new kitty...she's been there for a while. She's very shy. I'm just curious is all.

Sigh. Mom is muttering about 'sooop op-er-as' and 'dramma kweens'. I wonder what that means? Op-er-as are weird singing that sounds like the little kitty before Mom took her to That Strange-Smelling Place. I don't know about the other but Mom keeps saying to all of us, especially if we have a fight.

Humans are so weird.
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shakatany From: shakatany Date: December 31st, 2012 01:22 am (UTC) (Link)
Hi Morgie

So glad you've decided to update. I've missed your posts. Don't worry your mommy really loves you.

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